Mandarin / Orange / Kinnow orange all are types of citrus fruits. It is filled with nutritional values and vitamins. Mandarin orange is cultivated and exported all over the world. Orange export from Punjab, India is also seeing some drastic boom in the international market. Indian Mandarin Orange is citrus fruit (Fruiter orange), which is also known as Kinnow Orange.

Indeed, mandarin Orange / sangtra offers a fantastic taste and various medical advantages. It supports your immune system, gives you better skin. Indian kinnow export is increasing. It even improves your heart condition and cholesterol level. Eating Indian Mandarin oranges may help in decreasing the danger of respiratory disorders. It limits certain cancer growth as well.

Kinnow Mandarin Juice is packed with supplements and nutrients. However, the juice doesn’t have the fiber component found in the orange pith. It is the white substance between the peels and flesh. Mandarin Oranges (Kinnow) is one of the most eaten fruits all over the world. Punjab (India) is one of the largest exporter of Kinnow.








Behl Mandarin/Kinnow Processing

Behl International one of the leading Mandarin exporters from Punjab gets its supplies of Mandarin Kinnow from its farms in Abohar (Punjab) & Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan). Mandarin Kinnow (Indian Kinnow) is known as one of the best quality Mandarin Kinnow in the world. In Abohar (Punjab) & Sri Ganganager (Rajsthan), we have dedicated farms to cultivate fresh mandarins (kinnow). The orange production process is thoroughly looked after by our agriculture experts. Behl International is on the verge of becoming one of the largest mandarin exporters in Punjab. This makes us among name in the top list of Punjab kinnow exporters.

Washing Process

After harvest, mandarin orange crops go through a specialized washing process. Here, all dust particles are removed from Mandarin oranges. Our Mandarine washed, waxed and then rest in a safe environment.


After washing, the mandarin oranges are divided into different categories according to their sizes. As leading Mandarine suppliers in Punjab, we separate them into different categories. These categories include different sizes of mandarin orange. Based on these sizes, packaging boxes contain orange count range from 45 – 110 per 10kg box & 25kg Creats. This is one of the most standard way of kinnow exporters in Punjab.



Behl International is among Punjab largest exporters of Mandarin, citrus or kinnow exporters over the last 6 years. We are performing our packaging process in a clean, germ-free, and dirt-free environment to minimize the spoilage of products. We bring the same passionate approach when it’s time to pack the product.

As being one of the biggest suppliers of oranges from Punjab, we implement Cardboard packaging procedures. We pack our Mandarin oranges in Cardboard boxes for the international market. Plastic bag packaging of orange also available as per customer demand. Each box contains 10 kg fruiter Oranges with a count range of 45-110 pieces as most citrus exporters Punjab do.


Behl International has over 6-years of experience in Mandarin orange export, this gives us a competitive advantage over other Punjab Mandarin suppliers. Being one of the largest exporters Mandarin in Punjab. We offer LCL and FCL services from Port to Port. Our ocean freight shipment is most secure and reliable. We work with all shipping lines with fixed contract rates for the largest exporter of Citrus Export.


Two types of Shipments are offered by Behl International for Kinnow Export:

FCL Shipment
LCL Shipment

Behl International Core expertise lies in Providing a full customized range of export service worldwide. Being an orange supplier in Punjab Behl international provides the customer with a transparent shipping process. To get more information, you can contact us as well.


ABOUT Oranges

Oranges Fruit Shape: Round
Size: 8-10 cm
Weight: 100-300g
Skin Color: Orange
Pulp: Firm, Fibreless, Juicy
Packaging: Cardboard/Plastic/ Wooden Boxes
Box Weight 10 Kg
Counts Per Box 48/ 54/ 60/ 66/ 72/ 80/ 90/ 100/ 110
TSS: 18-22%
Acidity: 0.17 – 0.18%
Brix: 12.5 – 20.5
Season: Mid-Dec to mid-April