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Banana Varieties in India

Grand Naine

This most accepted international variety of banana produces a bunch weighing 25 kg and may go up to 32-35 kg with 8-10 hands with 200-220 fruits/bunch.


PIt has black brown blotches on the stem. Bunches weigh around 20 kg having 8-10 hands/bunch. The length is 15-20 cm and girth is 12 cm with thick fruit skin.

Dwarf Cavendish

The plant is dwarf with large bunches weighing about 20 kg. It’s compactly arranged 8-10 hands and length is 13-14 cm and girth is 8-10 cm.

Red Banana

The plant is tall and its colour is purplish red. The bunch weight is 20-25 kg with 6-7 hands and 80 fruits/bunch. The length of this banana variety is 16-18 cm.


The plant of this banana variety has bunch of 5-6 hands weighing about 6-12 kg.